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Foresight on Biotechnology in Small Candidate Countries

International Conference on Meeting the Challenges for Development of Research, Technology and Innovation Policies for Biotechnology

Toome Conference Centre

Lossi 19, Tartu, Estonia

12 September 2002


The presentations delivered throughout the conference are available online. Click on the camera icon (video) to start the video streaming. You may require the Real Player which can download for free.

09.30 Registration

10.00 Opening and Welcome

10.15 Foresight as a tool for policy planning Keynote speeches

  • Policy Planning and Futures, Markku Markkula, The Committee for the Future, Parliament of Finland (video)
  • Foresight in historic and International Perspective, Prof. Luke Georghiou, PREST (video)
  • How and why European Commission uses and supports Foresight, Dr. Günter Clar, DG Research, European Commission (video)

11.45 Coffee Break

12.00 Challenges and Perspectives of Biotechnology in Estonia

  • Estonian Biotechnology and European Research Area, Prof Richard Villems, Estonian Biocentre (video)
  • Estonian Genome Project, Prof. Andrus Metspalu, Estonian Genome Foundatidon and University of Tartu (video)
  • Building Cooperation between Academia and Industry, Prof Mart Ustav, Director of Institute of Technology at University of Tartu (video)

13.30 Lunch

14.30 Biotechnology in small countries

  • Finnish Experience in biotechnology, Dr. Terttu Luukkonen, ETLA (video)
  • Biotechnology as Emerging Business Sector in Estonia, Dr. Andrus Tasa, Tartu Biotechnology Park (video)
  • Biotechnology development in Cyprus, Dr Ioannis Papadopoulos / Dr. Ioannis Ioannides (video)

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 Foresight in Small Candidate Countries

17.00 Unido Conference Announcement (video)

17.10 Panel Discussion (video)

17.30 Closing

18.00 Reception

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