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Final Results

Foresight Consultation on the Results and Recommendations of Malta's First eFORESEE Pilot

Exploring Knowledge Futures
in ICT and Education

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In 2002, the Malta Council for Science and Technology launched a foresight pilot to explore Knowledge Futures in Information and Communications Technologies and Education. The first phase of the pilot was recently completed and the results emerging from this phase have now been captured in the Vision Document. This is intended to be a “live” document, which will be updated to reflect new recommendations and related initiatives, which the Pilot generates over time.

The Consultation

We are now launching the next phase of the first pilot, the consultation and dissemination phase. As a first step, you can download the Vision Document (~500K, DOC) for your consultation and feedback. We will shortly be providing details of our schedule of consultation events to discuss the Vision Document's recommendations. As you will note, the recommendations currently read as action lines and we look forward to your proposals on how these can be elaborated and implemented.

Download the Vision Document (~500K, DOC)

Please forward your feedback to:


Dr. Jennifer Cassingena Harper
Director, Policy Unit,
Malta Council for Science and Technology
Villa Bighi, Bighi, Kalkara CSP 11, Malta

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