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eFORESEE Malta Biotechnology
Pilot Project Launching Seminar

Realising a Thriving Maltese Biotechnology Industry by 2015
Monday, 28 July 2003, MCST, Villa Bighi, Bighi, Kalkara


The main presentation delivered throughout the conference is available online. Click on the camera icon (video) to start the video streaming. You may require the Real Player which can download for free.


Introductory Remarks & Overview of eFORESEE

  • Mr Peter Diacono, Chairman, MCST ()

Opening Speech

  • Hon Louis Galea, Minister of Education ()
  • Hon John Dalli, Minister for Finance & Economic Affairs ()
  • H.E. Vincent Fean, British High Commissioner ()
  • Prof Roger Ellul Micallef, Rector of the University of Malta ()


Meeting the Needs to develop a Thriving Biotech Industry


Coffee Break


Overview of the eFORESEE Biotechnology Pilot

  • Prof Alex E Felice, Chairman, Biotechnology Pilot

Interventions from the Floor:



The eFORESEE Biotechnology Pilot is a foresight exercise, which aims to substantially increase the biotechnology component of the maltese marketplace by 2015. The main objective is to produce a plan to develop the fledgling Maltese Biotechnology Industry into a core sector of the Maltese economy by 2015 through a collaborative venture between academia, the public and private sectors and society. Biotechnology is presently one of the fastest growing industry in the world. Through this project, MCST will develop its proposals for a national biotechnology strategy that will provide the basis for the national investment of resources in this area and also help to attract foreign direct investment.

The Managing Secretary is Ms Dorita Galea,

Photos of Pilot eFORESEE Malta Biotechnology Project Launching Seminar can be seen here

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