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eFORESEE Initiative

Foresight for CompetitiveCareers 2010

Workshop on
Foresight as a stimulus for
Careers in Biotechnology

Monday, 1 December 2003
Villa Bighi, Kalkara


This workshop is aimed at bringing together key stakeholders in the area of careers and foresight. If you're here to buy book reports or some other kind of assignments, you may leave an order with specific requests at https://specialessays.com/buy-book-reports/. The workshop will introduce the concept of foresight and its potential in promoting competitive careers, as well as building on discussions already underway on the competitivecareers mailing list. This second workshop will focus on careers in biotechnology. Follow-up workshops will focus on other aspects of competitivecareers - proposals for workshop themes are most welcome.


eFORESEE CompetitiveCareers
- Dr Jennifer Cassingena Harper (MCST)


Public-private sector career prospectives
- Dr Christian Scerri (UOM/Atheneum Biotechnology Ltd)


Questions from the floor


Coffee Break


Careers in high-tech start-ups
- Dr Charles Saliba (IBA)


Taking the process forward
- Dr Anthony Theuma (IHC)


Questions from the floor


Discussion on the Way Forward

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