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Foresight for Policy Makers in Accession Countries

This two-year project will address challenges faced by policy makers implementing foresight activities for smaller economies and regions. In particular it examines the potential role of foresight in dealing with the structural changes to the economy that accompany the Accession process, as well as the integration of accession states into a European Research Area. It will explore the decision-making processes involved in setting up foresight activities, as well as the challenge of managing and implementing specific foresight actions. The partners in Cyprus, Estonia and Malta will execute a series of pilot projects focused on themes of current interest in their regions. Altogether six pilot foresight actions will be carried out - two in each of Malta, Cyprus and Estonia. The themes currently under consideration are as follows:

Pilot 1: Agricultural Policy Reform and Compliance with the Aquis Communautaire
Pilot 2: Biotechnology Applied in Agriculture

Pilot 1: IST Foresight in Estonia (2002-2003)
Pilot 2: Estonian Biotechnology - Perspectives and Challenges

Pilot 1: Knowledge Futures in ICT and Education
Pilot 2: Enabling Biotechnologies

Exploring Foresight from a Knowledge Management Perspective

These 'experiments' will provide a laboratory in which to extend our understanding of foresight as a tool for policy development using a Knowledge Management approach. A Knowledge Management perspective leads us to consider foresight as the creation of collective knowledge about the future and foresight methods as tools for managing conversations about the future. We will re-think out understanding of foresight from this point of view. We will develop an evaluation framework and apply benchmarking techniques to the improvement of foresight as a policy process. We will develop a model for continuous foresight and explore the challenge of foresight embedding based on a strategy for the initial introduction of foresight into a region.

Useful Documents: (in pdf format)

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