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eForesee Istanbul Conference

Towards a European Model of Agriculture in the EU25+

Meetings held in Nicosia on 25 October 2002 and Ioannina on 16 May 2003 have brought together experts from current and future members states to discuss what needs to be done to rethink approaches to policy making on agriculture related issues over the next few years. A meeting held in Riga on 30 June 2003 brought together a new group of experts to discuss, substantiate and build upon the results of Cyprus and Ioannina. This has prepared the ground for a series of parallel working sessions to be held in Istanbul on 3 October 2003 in a meeting organised with TUBITAK - the Turkish Council for Science and Technology. This meeting will be attended by high-level experts and policy makers from the EU25+ and is intended to continue the work of examining the scope of important policy issues and dimensioning them in terms of the parameters for policy options at national, regional and European levels.

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