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Final Results

The 4th eForesee International Conference in Malta

The Role of Foresight in Implementing the EU Wider Neighbourhood Policy, and in the Structuring of a Euro-Mediterranean Research and Innovation Area

The presentations delivered throughout the conference are available online. Click on the camera icon (video) to start the video streaming. You may require the Real Player which can download for free. Any information from the main page of occupytheory you wish to get is available for our readers.

Thursday 13 November


Official Opening

Chair: Mr Peter Diacono, Chairman, MCST (video)

Inaugural Speech:

The Prime Minister of Malta, Hon. Dr. Edward Fenech Adami (video)

Opening Address:

H.E. Dr Ronald Gallimore, (video) Head, EU Delegation Office in Malta



Plenary Stession I
Chair: Mr Wilfred Kenely, Chief Executive, MCST




Dr Marita Kayamanidou (video) (INCO Unit, DG Research, European Commission)
Overview of EU RTD initiatives in the Mediterranean region: INCO-MED, MOCO

Prof Peter Serracino Inglott (video) (Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malta)
Mediterranean Perspectives on EU-Mediterranean Cooperation

Prof Ezio Martuscelli (video) (Director, CNR Dept of International Activities Italy)
The Role of NETRI-Med as a pivotal element to structure a Euro-Mediterranean Research and Innovation Area





Break for Coffee




An overview of Mediterranean Foresight capabilities
Chair: Mr Wilfred Kenely, Chief Executive, MCST




Dr Paraskevas Caracostas (video) (Unit K2, DG Research, European Commission)
Foresight, its role in the Framework Program, its role in the structuring of the ERA and Wider Neighbourhood extensions




Tunisie 2030
Dr Khaled Kaddour, (video) Director, Institute of Strategic Studies

Jordan Vision 2020
Prof Khaled Elshuraydeh, (video) Higher Council for Science and Technology

Prof Fairouz-Farah Sarkis, Director, (video) Arab Open Unversity-Lebanon

Prof Driss Belghyti, Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Tofail University




Parallel Session Methodology and Expected Outcomes
Dr Patrick Crehan (video) (CKA Associates)




Break for Lunch




Parallel Session

Panel 1: Public Funded Research Futures
Chair: Dr Paraskevas Caracostas (Unit K2, DG Research, European Commission)
Rapporteur: Ms Effie Amanatidou (Head, S&T Policy Studies Unit, ATLANTIS Consulting S.A.)

  • Prof Hagit Messer-Yaron (Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University)
  • Professor Joseph Micallef (University of Malta)
  • Prof Ezio Martuscelli (Director, CNR Dept of International Activities Italy)
  • Prof Driss Belghyti, Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Tofail University


Completing the Mediterranean Systems of Innovation

New demands on Universities and new roles

The role of RTD networks and their management

Capacity for strategic planning at all levels in the science system

Tapping into the ERA

Panel 2: The Private-Public Gap
Chair: Prof Juanito Camilleri (CEO, GoMobile)
Rapporteur: Dr Gordon Pace (University of Malta)

  • Prof Mohamed Dahmani Fathallah (The Molecular Biotechnology Group, Institut Pasteur de Tunis)
  • Prof Moti Sokolov (President, Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering)
  • Mr Jesmond Xuereb (Director, Avicenna Knowledge Centre Malta)
  • Prof Soulla Louca (Assistant Professor, Intercollege, Cyprus)
  • Mr Ferenc Kovats (Chairman of the Steering Group, TEP (Hungarian Technology Foresight Programme)


The role of private universities and teaching institutes

The role of research carried out in private enterprise

The role of private sector actors such as banks, funds, technology transfer rganisations and other intermediaries

Capacity for visioning & strategic planning in the private sector

Panel 3: The Social Context of Innovation
Chair: Dr Attila Havas (Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

  • Prof Saleem Zougbu (Assoc Professor of Informatics, Bethlehem University, Palestine Authority)
  • Eng Lena Assaf (Middle East Agri-Food Publisher)
  • Mr Ranier Fsadni (Anthropology Programme, Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta)
  • Dr Toni Talab (Head, Dept of Tech Transfer, Gen. Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research, Syria)
  • Prof Vassilios Laopodis (DG Enterprise)
  • Dr Monica Cariola (Ceris- CNR Institute for Economic Research on Firms and Growth, Italy)


The role of social attitudes towards renewal, invention and discovery, risk and reward, ambition, aspiration and success. How these affect scientific, innovative and entrepreneurial activity. The role of social capital, Social innovation and the Knowledge Society as a .Socially Innovative Society.. Science-Society issues and the role of Social Innovation Programs.

Panel 4: The future financing of RTDI
Chair: Prof Luke Georghiou (Executive Director of PREST, University of Manchester)


The 3% goal in a Mediterranean context

Foresight and the use of the 'Neighbourhood Program'

Foresight and the use of bilateral funds such as MEDA

Friday 14 November


Plenary Session



Improving mutual policy learning - adding value both at the national and European levels
Chair: Dr Guenter Clar (Unit K2, DG Research, European Commission)

The Israeli Science and Technology Foresight
Dr Yair Sharan, Director, The Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis & Forecasting, Tel-Aviv University

Greek Technology Foresight 2021
Prof Emmanuel Koukios, National Technical University, Athens

Turkey 2023
Mr Tolgahan Oysal, Technology Development Foundation of Turkey

Malta eFORESEE Project
Dr Jennifer Cassingena Harper, Malta Council for Science and Technology

Cyprus eFORESEE Project
Dr Marinos Markou, The Agricultural Research Institute

Estonia eFORESEE Project
Mr Marek Tiits, The Institute for Baltic Studies




Break for Coffee




Plenary Session
Chair: Dr Patrick Crehan (CKA Associates)

In the final plenary session the discussion leader will synthesis outputs under the following headings:

  • What was learned through the group-work
  • The priorities for action that emerged
  • The role of foresight in implementing or preparing such actions

Conclusions from parallel session

    publicly funded research futures

    the private-public gap

    the social context of innovation

    the future financing of RTD & I




Hon John Dalli
Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Malta








Poster Presentation Session

   Foresight in Malta

   Malta Biotech

   Malta Marine

   Narrative Database (check http://eforesee.info/ndb/)

   The Catch and Effort Assessment Survey

   Foresight in Cyprus

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