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Narrative Database

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The Narrative Database (NDB) is a knowledge and intellectual property rights management tool which evolved out of the EU funded eForesee project.


Executives at all levels are extremely busy and the amount of information they are being asked to handle is always on the increase. The Narrative Database with its on demand access to multimedia resources provides a quick solution to information overload by carefully classifying the resources using multiple taxonomies, yet at the same time allowing the resources' authors to control the online distribution of their intellectual property.

Download and use the NDB

The Narrative Database version 1 has been released for public use on Friday 14 November 2003 and will continue working up to 31 December 2004, a year after the eForesee project finishes thanks to the support of  AcrossLimits, the IT solutions provider of the project.

To start using the Narrative Database for the first time:

  1. Register with the eForesee site
    If you already are, then skip this step
  2. Check system requirements
  3. Download Narrative Database v2 (~14 Mb zip file)
  4. Follow these installation notes
  5. Consult the Help pages to see how to use it
  6. Do you need help? Ask us online now!

Latest News

  • 05 Dec 2003 - Release version 2 of NDB.
  • 14 Nov 2003 - Release of version 1 of the NDB.
  • 13 Nov 2003 - Unveiling of the launch poster.

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