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  • Subject: Re: Replacement:Re(2): eForesee malta-ict: Scena rios for Malta in ICT
  • From: Dekkers Martijn at OPM
  • Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 16:51:45 +0200

Hi Dr. Falzon, all, 

> To tackle this, ICT could by-pass the brain-drain problem
> by attacking its very definition, which can be seen as
> geographic in nature. Is there really a brain drain if
> Maltese intellectuals residing overseas are enabled to
> perform & contribute locally at various level of civic
> inclusion? Can ICT help with this? We cannot deny the
> attraction 'overseas' holds for ambitious intellectuals. I
> don't this balance will ever be tipped, our size will never
> change.

With respect to braindrain vis. software developers,
there are basically two types of people - those who play for
the money and those who play for the love of the game.

It is hard, given our local economics, to entice the first
group to stay and play. However, the second group can be
enticed to stay and play, given they are offered the
opportunity to sink their teeth into some interesting
projects. And it is those that play for the love of the game
that we would like to keep, anyway.

So how do we offer these nice projects that will encourage
people to stay? Well, there is enough interesting work to go
around at the moment, if only we stop and look.

For example, within the scope of the e-Europe Action Plan+,
there are several targets that are interesting, feasible, and
don't require a high amount of up-front investment.
Moreover, with the right business plan, there may the
opportunity for EU or Govt. funding and/or assistance. These
are exactly the type of projects that are suitable for us,
and unless we actually do something with that, other
pre-accession nations will pick up the rich pieces, leaving
us for the left-overs....

Kind regards,

Martijn Dekkers
Chief Enterprise Information Architect

Architecture Team,
ICT Governance Department,
Central Information Management Unit,
Office of the Prime Minister,
Gattard House
National Road
Blata l-Bajda HMR02

Tel : +356 25992369
Fax : +356 234707


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