eForesee malta-ict: list administration

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  • Subject: eForesee malta-ict: list administration
  • From: "James Azzopardi"
  • Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 17:17:01 +0200

Hi to all,
To facilitate the usage of the eForesee mailing lists
here are a few tips:
1. All lists have a unique name. This one is called
"malta-ict", therefore all messages originating from
this list would have the words "malta-ict" in the
2. You can create Message Rules in your mail program
and create a folder for the mailing list. The rule
will filter the message and place it in the folder.
If you need assistance setting this up, send me a
personal email (do not reply to this message). My
email address is [email protected]
3. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the list from
the eForesee website. Go in the "User Area" with
your email and password, choose "Mailing Lists"
from the menu, and subscribe and/or unsubscribe
as needed. If you forgot your password, use the
"Forgot password" link. The quick link to the User
Area is http://eforesee.info/users/
4. You can read the malta-ict mailing list online since
this is a public list. You don't need to be subscribed
to read the postings in the list. You can view them
using the "Mailng Lists" link in the main menu. Please
note that the online archive is updated once daily.
5. If you have a query of any technical nature, do not
hit reply, but send a message directly to me at
[email protected] - the list is there to aid
in the discussion not to solve technical issues. If
there is anything which will be asked frequently I'll
post it on the list once for the benefit of all.
These instructions apply to the malta-ict list. If you
are a member of some other list, depending on the volume
different or the same instructions may be supplied.
James Azzopardi
webmaster / eforesee.info
-----------------------------------------------ooO-^ ^-Ooo--
AcrossLimits - http://www.acrosslimits.com
(address) 16 Bwieraq Street, Birkirkara - Malta
(tel) +356 21496376 (fax) +356 21486008
(mobile) +356 99854384 (email) [email protected]
sender : "James Azzopardi"
This is the malta-ict mailing list of the EU financed eFORESEE
project on regional foresight. Please go to the project website
at http://eforesee.info to subscribe, unsubscribe or update
your profile. Feel free to forward this message to colleagues or
friends interested in any foresight related activities.

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