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  • Subject: eForesee malta-ict: Intro
  • From: "Steve Camilleri"
  • Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 17:37:30 +0200

Hi All

Brief New comer Intro:

My name is Steve Camilleri, graduated B.Sc. Malta in 1991.

I've spent a number of years working with Price Waterhouse in London (audit

and forensic) & Brussels, followed by a stint in Insurance in Malta. I have

currently returned to the accounting profession with a view to set up a IT

and anti-fraud consulting division in a small (11 staff) local firm.

I have a personal interest in fraud and IT security issues.




May be contacted on steve -at- maltanet.net.mt (remove the last .mt)

ICQ: 1390250

----Original Message Follows----

Jennifer, James and all who are providing this great service..

Is it possible that panel members send an email as an introduction

so that we can know who is who?

Second is it possible that all new comers to the list also send

an introduction ?

It was very important that we all know who is who and available

on the panel.

Keep the good work flowing.

Joe Woods



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sender : "Steve Camilleri"


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