eForesee Malta Marine: Contributing to the Web discussion on the Marine Pilot

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  • Subject: eForesee Malta Marine: Contributing to the Web discussion on the Marine Pilot
  • From: eForesee Malta Marine
  • Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 08:19:56 +0200

Project of the Malta Council for Science &Technology
in collaboration with the
MedGOOS/MAMA Project of the IOI-Malta Operational Centre
Visit our website on eforesee.info/malta/marine.shtml
To send in your comments, ask for more information or unsubscribe please contact
Aldo Drago, Marine Pilot Leader, IOI-MOC, UoM ([email protected] )
or Sharon DeMarco, eFORESEE National Co-Ordinator, MCST ([email protected]). 
Argument: Web discussion Session 1

This is to notify you that I have posted a contribution to the Marine Pilot Web Discussion. The contribution is reproduced below.

The response to the web discussion has been so far very scanty. May I take the occasion to urge you to post your contributions so that we set this activity rolling and get your views on board. You need to view the introductory message which presents the argument and lists a set of questions related to the future of the marine sector in the Maltese Islands. Please base your web discussion contributions on these questions.


To post your contribution, or view the contributions from others, please go to the project website (eforesee.info/malta), choose 'WEB DISCUSSION' from the vertical menu bar, enter your username and password, choose 'access forum area' and select the marine pilot discussion space. Clicking on the icon in the form of a book will take you to a window where you can type in your contribution.  You should be already subscribed to the Marine Pilot list, and received your password to get access to this space. If you forgot your password or have other problems to access this activity, please write to me on [email protected] or directly to the webmaster on [email protected]. If you have other colleagues who wish to make a contribution, please ask them to subscribe directly from the website or by writing to me. Those of you who prefer to send comments anonymously may send messages to me first, and I will subsequently post on the system without any identifier.


Looking forward to read you and have some interesting ideas flowing in...

With thanks and best regards.


Aldo Drago

Marine Pilot Leader


%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%About planning and foresight....

Planning for the future is always an interesting endeavour. Planning is indeed part of our life. In the short term a person may be planning for a holiday next Christmas (booking, savings, arrangements all go with it...). In the medium term one may be planning to change job, (and is preparing by following courses to improve his academic qualifications, possibly change town or country, undertaking a work experience leading to the new position....). In the longer term one may be planning for the period beyond retirement age (by looking at insurance and pension schemes, high potential investments with delayed return....).

You see, even on a personal basis good planning is a key to success. It is not just wishful thinking, but it always concerns some actions to improve current conditions, and to forge the way forward towards the set goals in an optimal future. So planning is not passive! It is an active process enabling the quest towards retaining/improving standards, solving problems as we move along, and making the best of resources and opportunities. A plan without accompanying actions remains just a dream!

The success of a nation, like that of an individual, depends to a large extent on appropriate planning. The Marine Foresight Pilot Project is exactly targeting to make such a contribution by providing a vision and way forward for the marine sector in Malta.

The web discussion to which you are all invited to participate is in its first round attempting to get your visions for the future in the various aspects of the marine-related activities (current and potential new ones). This is not a mean business. We want to furnish some good pointers to administrators towards the best future, and hopefully trigger an awareness to the power of foresight in building the road map to a successful future. They will be using our results and a strategy group will be formed at the end of the project to follow up actions.

So go ahead and post your contributions by following the questions and points raised in my launching message. It should now be a bit more clear what we want to achieve....and look forward to have you on board this initiative.


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