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  • Subject: Re: eForesee malta-ict: Scenarios for Malta in I CT
  • From: Dekkers Martijn at OPM
  • Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 16:04:15 +0200

Hi Juan, 

Your comment:

> The use of computers will be the fulcrum of delivery of
> curriculum.

This raises an interesting subject - many schools are
severely cash-strapped, and the use of computers is becoming
increasingly expensive, and therefore prohibitive.

There are several projects that work specifically with Open
Source software to assist schools everywhere with offering
more and better software, and at the same time lowering the
financial burden on schools. For example:

- The SEUL/EDU and Schoolforge projects work together to
bring a massive range of educational software within reach of
most schools.

- The K12 project delivers a linux-based infrastructure that
allows schools to re-use very old hardware (386 and 486
machines) and upgrade their labs for a fraction of the normal

- The Freeduc project also maintains a massive index of free
educational software

Then, this discussion is about a newly launched study about
the use of Open Source software in schools:

The person sponsoring the study makes an interesting point:

"John Weathersby, OSSI founder and chairman, says the goal of
the study is for it to be a "logical and practical" guide for
schools looking at Open Source software as an alternative. "I
keep going back to practicality, because I think that's
extremely important," Weathersby says. "Technology for
technology's sake is not worth a lot to me, but technology
that's applied, that's where the true value comes in."

Weathersby says he hopes the study will focus on specific
areas -- such as literacy skills, math skills, visual arts,
databases and Internet browsing -- where Open Source can
replace other software.

"We believe that Open Source solutions represent a
practical, viable way to save our schools money and increase
their computing efficiency," he adds. "Not to explore and
leverage this technology for the benefit of our school system
is, in my opinion, civilly negligent."

The article is worth a look.

Personally, I am in contact with management, teachers and
sysadmins from schools all over the world that have adopted
Open Source software - on a daily basis. All of the schools
that have made the switch are extremely satisfied with the
quality and performance of Open Source software, and have
gained a lot more space within their IT budgets for items
that really matter to the educational process, as opposed to
having to spend it on basic infrastructure that adds little
value on its own to the eductional process.

Kind regards,

Martijn Dekkers
Chief Enterprise Information Architect

Architecture Team,
ICT Governance Department,
Central Information Management Unit,
Office of the Prime Minister,
Gattard House
National Road
Blata l-Bajda HMR02

Tel : +356 25992369
Fax : +356 234707


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